Warning Light

A sweet and strong moonshine/Southern comfort cocktail, mixed with fruit juices and served in a lightbulb cocktail glass!


A slight twist on an American classic, flavored with Peychaud’s Bitters and an absinthe rinse!

My Savior

A creamy rosemary and cranberry gin fizz!

The Scorpion

A pineapple and tequila cocktail that packs some serious heat thanks to a splash of Carolina Reaper rum!

The Cyborg

A classy and clear gin martini with notes of cherry!


A uniquely herbal and refreshing martini made with soju and the titular plant from the film this is based on!


A crisp, refreshing cocktail made with Japanese flavors like sake and Midori!

Wolf’s Bane

A spin on an Irish coffee, topped with whipped cream and red honey!


A refreshingly strong cocktail that’s easy to drink, flavored with orange and mango.

Toxic Candy

A sweet and sour cocktail made with bubblegum infused vodka!

Killer Peach

A creamy and fruity cocktail made with soju and yogurt!

Griswold Eggnog

A deliciously creamy batch cocktail that serves about 7, combining both rum and bourbon to create the best version of this holiday classic that you’ve ever had!

Heat Miser

A spicy tequila cocktail topped with a head of fire!

The McClane

A tasty New York style rum sour, balancing east and west coast flavors with a frothy finish and a red wine floater!

Reindeer Games

A delicious dessert cocktail decorated to resemble the famous reindeer! A creamy drink with chocolate and vanilla flavors, garnished with cookie straws and a bright red cocktail cherry!

The Grinch

A tart and citrusy green rum and Midori cocktail, topped with a bright red cherry!


A Christmas spin on the Cosmopolitan, with extra cranberries and a crushed peppermint rim!

The Del

A festive spin on the White Russian, spiced with a helping of cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with a crushed gingersnap cookie rim.

Fade to Black

A darkly delicious rum sour, sweetened with blackberries and darkened with a spoonful of activated charcoal.

Elio’s Peach

A refreshing blend of peaches and white wine, blend into a smooth and easy to drink summer cocktail.

March Family Mulled Wine

A warm blend of citrus and spice, the perfect drink for when the snow begins to fall and temperatures begin to drop.

Red Lotus

A spin on a simple classic, blending the subtle berry flavorings of lychee liqueur with the popular vodka cranberry cocktail.

Oily Cake Cocktail

A donut themed cocktail with hints of vanilla and chocolate, complete with a sweet vanilla and honey glazed rim.

Pie Fight Martini

A delicious dessert cocktail that simulates the taste of a banana cream pie, complete with a granulated graham cracker rim!

The Shape

A tall, stiff cocktail made of bourbon and milk, simulating a bourbon milkshake. For added style, the rim comes with dripping red honey to simulate blood!

Prom Night Pig Blood

A cross between a mimosa and a spritz, this bittersweet cocktail comes complete with a sweet rim of sugar and a hearty amount of blood orange.

Pennywise’s Cotton Candytini

A sweet martini with hints of raspberry and sweetened by generous dollops of cotton candy.

Black Philip

A fruity and bitter martini turned into a bubbling cauldron thanks to a small bit of dry ice.

Bloody Shark Bite

A refreshing rum cocktail splashed with a bit of grenadine to really bloody the waters.


A warm, spiced cocktail made with rum, cinnamon whiskey and muddled cherries.

Pazuzu Puke

A sour slushy made with tequila, mango, lime juice and fresh mint.

Charlie’s Peanut Butter Martini

A rich and creamy cocktail, akin to a chocolate milkshake. The heavy amount of chocolate is complimented by the sweet peanut butter whiskey, embodied by the aroma of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Invisible Manhattan

A different but delicious spin on the classic Manhattan, using a white whiskey and vermouth to produce a different appearance and taste than any Manhattan you’ve had before.

Knockemstiff Mule

A delicious deviation from the Moscow Mule, substituting the vodka for moonshine with a generous squirt of fresh lime juice.


A creamy, tropical cocktail with coconut and pineapple flavors.

Thrombey Old Fashioned

A warm, sweet take on the classic bourbon cocktail.

Appily Married

A sweet blend of apple and grapefruit, supported by the slight spice of cinnamon to give you a warm, apple pie-like martini.

Desert Paloma

A tasty mix of sweet and spicy, this paloma contains a sharp hint of jalepeño to coincide with the tinge of tequila.

Blue Blur

A beautifully blue, tropical cocktail lined with a signature gold ring of margarita salt.

Howard’s Fish Tank

Your own personal fishbowl, packed with a ton of alcohol and sweet, sugary candy.

May Queen Lemonade

A refreshing (mid)summer-day cocktail with a hint of creamy vanilla and sweet, sweet honey.

Rick Dalton’s All American Whiskey Sour

A classic recipe for a sour and sharp cocktail, bodied by the surprisingly welcoming addition of a raw egg white.

Turpentine & Honey

A creamy scotch cocktail that will warm your insides on a cold, rainy night!