Horror Movie Villain Bracket

GIVEAWAY TIME! This month we’re giving away a $25 digital Amazon card as the prize for our Horror Movie Villain Bracket! To enter, here’s what you have to do!

1. Make sure you’re following us either on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

2. Download the bracket below, fill it out with who you think is the greatest horror movie villain, and then email it to themartinishotblog@gmail.com by October 7th!

3. Every day starting October 8th we will be posting 1-3 horror villain matchups, and we need your votes! You can either submit your vote in the comments of the Facebook post or on the Instagram Story poll (one vote per person per matchup please).

The cutoff date for entry is October 7th. Voting will commence each day from October 8th to October 30th. Even if you aren’t participating in the bracket, you can still feel free to vote each day! Winners will be announced October 31st, with a tiebreaker drawing if necessary. Good luck!

Bracket Download


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