The Academy Awards 2023 – PREDICTIONS & COCKTAIL!

Even with my love/hate relationship with the event, I’m always jazzed to catch the Oscars every year. At best, it’s a celebration of the stand-out achievers in film where masters of the craft are honored for their contributions. At worst, it’s an embarrassing train wreck filled with unfunny guests, cringe-inducing skits, and a performance of complete disconnect from the members of the Academy. I will say, good or bad, it’s best to get through the night with a good drink. So, before I give my speculative guesses on who is walking away with the gold this year, here’s how to make an Oscars inspired cocktail I’ve named the Golden Statue.

The Golden Statue


  • 1.5oz vanilla vodka (chilled)
  • 1/2oz honey syrup (chilled)
  • Top: Ginger beer (chilled)
  • Top: Champagne (chilled)
  • Gold food dye (can use edible luster dust or sanding sugar, results may vary)


  1. In a champagne flute, add your vodka and honey syrup.
  2. Fill the glass about 3/4 of the way with champagne.
  3. Top the rest of the drink off with ginger beer.
  4. Add a few drops of gold food dye and stir to combine.

Now you have a drink to get you through the night, for better or for worse. If you want to see my picks and predictions for the Oscars, check out the below video! And if you want to guess along at home, here’s an Oscars ballot so you and your friends can put your money where you mouth is!


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