Since Jaws is seeing a re-release in the US, I’ve decided to revisit the classic film and add a new spin to the cocktail I made for it in the past, the Bloody Shark Bite. If you’d like to read my past review and see how to make the previous version of this cocktail, click here.

Bloody Shark Bite v2

For this version I’m going to be tweaking it just a tad to bring a greater spectrum of flavors into the mix. I’m introducing coconut rum to make it a bit more tropical, some Hypnotiq to add some additional fruit flavors, and a float of sloe gin that’s going to bring blood into the top of the drink as much as the grenadine brings to the bottom. This drink is sour, fruity, and above all boozy. Too many of these may make you require a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you in the morning. Or the…skin…the scales…scales of the shark that…never mind.


  • 1oz coconut rum
  • 1oz spiced rum
  • 1/2oz Hpnotiq
  • 1/2oz blue curacao
  • 1/2oz lemon juice
  • 1/2oz lime juice
  • Bottom of glass: Grenadine
  • Float: 1/2oz sloe gin
  • Garnish: Gummy shark


  1. Add ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice.
  2. Take a rocks glass and pour a bit of grenadine in to coat the bottom, then fill with ice.
  3. Strain drink into prepared glass.
  4. Float sloe gin on top of cocktail.
  5. Garnish with gummy shark.

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